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Friday, 28 November 2014

Growth mindset class setting

I find that the subject I struggle with having a growth mind set the most in is my university functions class. Although my marks are still satisfactory I find this year I am struggling to come to terms with new concepts. I also noticed I enjoyed my math class more last year when most of the curriculum was expanding on concepts already taught in grade nine. This year however most of the information is new to me, and I am having trouble coming to terms with the direction the curriculum has took. 

In order for me to improve my mind set in this class I need to do a series of things. The first, is to remain positive. If I believe in my strong math background I know I will be able to overcome my lack of confidence when facing issues that make me feel defeated and unmotivated to learn anymore. The second, is to ask more questions. I need to stop being afraid of the possibility of being incorrect, and voice my questions and concerns to not only my teacher, but my peers.

Hopefully I can implement these ideas in my course and continue to succeed.

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